Sunday, November 2, 2008

St. Cloud, MN

A short run to St. Cloud, MN would put us in the area where my brother and my parents live. A visit before the snow falls would be nice. One unit on the website to St. Cloud so we packed our bags and took off on a beautiful fall day.

We avoided the Minneapolis traffic by taking state Highway 15 north from the Iowa border all the way to the dealership. This is farming country with acres and acres of fields harvested, being harvested or waiting to be harvested! A wind farm, an ethanol plant, small towns and small lakes begging us to stop and fish.

We were "culverized" with a lunch at Culvers in Hutchison, MN. Their "Butter Burgers" are tasty as is the pot-roast sandwich.

About 30 miles from St. Cloud we started seeing the bluffs that extend to the Mississippi River. Most of the leaves have dropped so color is minimal.


After delivery a call to my brother to make plans to meet for supper at Freddie's Restaurant in Mora, near their home. Freddie's specialty is Barbque Ribs and Broasted Chicken. Good service, good food and a good visit.

Mora is famous for its twenty-five foot replica of the Dalacarlia Horse which is carved in several Swedish villages. It is a symbol of Mora's sister city relationship with the city of Mora in Sweden. The Dala Horse is visible through out the community on signs, in business places and home decorations.

Another symbol of this relationship is the brightly colored Mora Klocka. The twenty foot clock is located in the center of Mora.

The Vasaloppet Cross Country Ski Race takes place every winter in February starting and ending in Mora. There is a thirty nine foot tall Bell Tower sitting on the shore of Lake Mora. It has a 200 pound bell that announces the skiers as they cross the lake.

Packing up the car in the morning after a stay at the AmericaInn was interesting. One person drove off and left a suitcase in the parking place beside her car. Another needed us to jump start her car!

Rush City

A short drive east to Rush City along Interstate 35 in the morning sunshine of a great fall day brings us to the Golden Living Center. After a good morning of visiting with my parents we head south on the Interstate for Iowa and our home on the Prairie.

See you "along the way!"
Prairie Schooners

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