Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cincinnati, Ohio

This is our week to look for a unit to deliver. Checking website late afternoon on Monday, only 1 to pick-up in Forest City, to be delivered to Cincinnati, OH a total of 664 miles.

Black walnuts are all shucked, washed & caged for storing. Garden produce is packed away or can wait for processing. Can we get packed in 3 hours?? Let’s Do It!

A stop at Seven Stars Family Restaurant in Hampton early Tuesday AM for our favorite omelets. Only the men working on the Wind Farm were there before us. There will be 350 total workers over a years time to install and make it operational!

As the sun appeared on the horizon we could see that the 28˚ made the combined bean fields white with frost! Drove into Bennett’s lot--- only 1 unit waiting to be delivered and 3 drivers waiting for a unit. A result of the slowing economy.

After hooking up the Saturn & checking out the $100,000 View, we filled up with 24 gallons diesel at the local station and headed East! Acres of beans combined, acres of corn & beans still to be combined and many combines in the fields.

Clouds and rain are chasing us, but right now the sun is reflecting all the colors of fall---making the browns look like polished bronze, the yellow golds, and the reds & oranges glow. Even the grey/white of the harvested bean fields and the rust-colored tall grass in the ditches seem to glow! The occasional bright green pasture makes a brilliant accent to the quilt-like scenes.

What is new on the Iowa/Illinois landscape? Lines of windmills on Wind Farms, steam rising from the tall pipes of the ethanol plants and a dentist chair sitting on the bank of a small fishing pond waiting to make a fisherman comfortable!

Home for the night is a parking place at Love’s Truck Stop in LeRoy, Illinois. Do we sleep on the couch, or the folded down dinette or in the loft above the cab????

After an Arby's breakfast we were on the road watching the sky color change from the rays of the rising sun. It is a challenge to keep enough gas in the tank, but no more than needed in order to save us some $$. A real world math problem!

Early afternoon on Wednesday we were on the dealer’s parking lot, unhooking, unloading & waiting for signed paperwork after his inspection. Thanking the Lord for another successful and safe delivery. Let’s go explore South West Ohio!

Prairie Schooners

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