Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2008 Louisville, Kentucky

Pick-Up Day

Call came late in PM telling us a 37 ft Winnebago Sightseer was on the lot and ready to pick-up.

Early AM in the cold & dark heading north, watching the pinks of the sunrise over the frosty harvested fields.

What a change from the last units we have had. This is "BIG" and a beautiful bronze, blue & dark cherry color scheme inside & out with cherry cabinets. Two slide outs on each side, full length leather sofa, 3 TV sets connected to a satellite system, a fire place & a $147,000 price tag! This would have been great for sleeping. (Because the RV show is inside we cannot have any LP to run a heater, but will get reimbursed for our motel room.)

With the 75 gal tank we only had to do one partial fill to complete the 680 mile trip. Great to see lower gas prices with the 6 mpg!

Great day of traveling. Papa is liking to be back driving a "BIG" one even if it is not a diesel pusher! I'm lovin' the large flat desk-like dash for maps! Happy Campers!

Combines finishing harvest. Fragrance of freshly turned soil as they till the harvested fields. Windmills on wind farms silhouetted on the horizon. Steam rising in huge clouds from ethanol plants.

Found a parking place(last one available for us) for the "elephant" at the Days Inn in Morton, Illinois. Comfortable room.

A thumbs down for Hardee's new Mexican menu! Pictures look great, but the grilled chicken burrito was cold and dry with very little filling. Dab of beans & rice was also cold & dry. We'll eat our Mexican at our local Honk & Holler in Hampton!

How about some old Clint Eastwood movies for entertainment tonite!

Check in and we'll talk to you along the way!
Prairie Schooners

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