Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Louisville, Kentucky continued

Delivery Day

Thanking the Lord for a great night's sleep and a continental breakfast to get us going on this sunny day!

On the road headed east, but not enjoying the 20 mph south wind hitting us from the side! Papa is not just steering, he is "hanging on to the steering wheel! We are rocking and rolling down the interstate.

Acres and acres of farm land being tilled, having fertilizer applied and some still being harvested. Nearing Indianapolis and into rolling hills with areas of trees. Leaves have all fallen making trunks & branches grey & brown against the blue sky with a carpet of green grass. Getting cloudy.

As we get near Kentucky we see horse ranches. We have left the clouds behind and can feel the warmth of the sun.

Into Louisville on Interstate 65, across the Ohio River, remembering last years visit to Jeffersonville's Steamboat Museum and following the Ohio back east! (check last years blog)

Through the main gate of Kentucky State Fair & Expo Center and to the Winnebago staging area. Not the first and not the last of the 45 units to arrive. Unpack, unhook, check-in, paperwork signed, short visit with show hosts & back on I-65 south headed for Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

Some leaves are still on the trees making shades of brown & tan on the hillsides. Curves! It has been a "straight" route until we started into these low mountains. The interstate is "cut" through the mountain leaving steep rock sides. Looks like shale with a very thin layer of top soil on top.

Super 8 is our "home" for the night. Cracker Barrel down the road served a great roast beef supper. We like the fried okra and hot cornmeal muffins. We have had some interesting experiences in the past at the restaurant chain, but tonight they did a super job!

Thanking the Lord for another safe delivery!
Check in as we share what we are seeing along the way!
Prairie Schooners

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