Friday, December 11, 2009

Ft Worth, Texas Delivery

A new model of Winnebago Itasca for this trip, a Reyo.
Diesel motor that gave us 12.7 mpg. Had 2 bunk beds in back, one slide out, an abundance of storage space, 2 flat screen TV's, satellite radio, bath room with shower, nice kitchen area, outside cameras & a comfortable ride! One RV dealer stopped by to tour, many people "oogled" as they passed!

The turning signals were "directionally challenged" when we picked it up. We are thankful for the local sheriff who let us know before we got to the Interstate! While waiting for the mechanics to fix the wiring we did had the opportunity to eavesdrop on the "professional" drivers as they made their plans and decisions for deliveries.

View through the windshield as we head South:

Southern Iowa farmers are still trying to harvest corn.
Through Kansas City.
The highway offers a panoramic view of rolling green/brown/rust grassy knolls.
The leafless trees are like black pencil lines scattered over a landscape painting.
Occasional farms,with corn & bean fields & herds of cattle.
Still some fields not harvested & deep combine tracks showing up in the harvested fields.
Piles of sand and gravel stockpiled by the Highway department ready for winter ice & snow.

The Flint Hills of Kansas with acres of pastures dotted with ponds full of water, cattle pens for truck load outs & windmills beside a storage tank and watering tank.

White caps on Eldorado Lake indicates strong wind.
Oil wells, looking like giant grasshoppers, and all the related equipment dot the landscape.
Irrigated crop land with the bright green of winter wheat fields.
Silos and grain elevators intersect the horizon.
Huge bales of cotton lined up at the ends if the fields waiting for transport to cotton gin. (Sorry Jeff, were not made with the new JD BOB picker!)

Crossing into Oklahoma and rough highways--BUT they are working on them!
Flat, wide open Cowboy country!
Crossing over Cimmeran River & Canadian River --wide & shallow with red sand bars visible.
Reminded of how it would be easy for the cowboys to herd cattle across these rivers.
Past a school for Horseshoeing! Many horses to practice on!

Through the Arbuckle Mountains. It's like God has this huge flat sand pile and right in this particular spot he put a pile of rocks! (We drove through the wilderness area on our way back--keep reading!)

Did not get to the local library to pick up audio books so are "singing along" to music CD's--Blackwood Brothers, Mark Trammel singing gospel, a collection of Folk Songs & a collection of Old Classics, pop songs from the 40's!

Across the Red River and into Texas.
Ranches & acres wooden fenced pastures in between towns and industrial areas.
Past the Texas Motor Speedway.
Tall buildings that make up the Dallas/Ft.Worth skyline are ahead.

Another unit delivered!

Have several hours before our reservation at Dave & Beth's Bed & Breakfast.

Texas Civil War Museum next stop!

See you along the way,
Prairie Schooners

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