Monday, December 14, 2009

Arbuckle Mountains in Oklahoma

We have driven through the Arbuckle Mountain region on the Interstate for years, but this time we took Highway 77 instead. What a fun ride. The region is sandstone. In several areas you can see the slabs of flat sandstone rocks almost standing up and in rows around the mountain. Reminds you of a graveyard with identical tombstones!

Because they are sandstone there will be no standing water on top of the mountains. It all percolates down and creates interesting formations, caves, natural springs, and waterfalls.

There are several lakes and parks in the area, but we chose Turner Falls. In ad
dition to nature trails, caves, picnic areas and cabins to rent there are two natural swimming pools. Honey Creek flows through the park and cascades down a 77 foot fall to natural swimming pool. It was pretty this season, but would be refreshing in the summer to be swimming!

We drove to the top and hiked down to where we could see the falls from the top.

One of the trails leads up the mountain to the remains of a stone castle. It was built in the 1930's with stones from the area and patterned after an English castle. An Oklahoma University professor built it for a summer home and it was used as the headquarters for a large ranch in the area. Turrets, flat roofs, steep narrow steps to reach many different levels of the castle. Would make a great playhouse for our grandkids!

Another example of God's creation and the ability He has given to people to use and enjoy!

Next stop--Our Prairie!

Thank you for traveling with us!

Prairie Schooners

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