Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Louisville, Kentucky delivery

Galesburg, Illinois
We got our "call" that the unit we were to deliver to the RV show in Louisville, KY was on the lot and ready to go! We hooked up on the lot at Forest City, which is always hot or cold or windy!! Needed some extra time to get the electrical connections revamped to fit this chassis.

It is a Navion with a Mercedes diesel engine on a Sprinter chassis painted a bronzemist color with the Winnebago decals in dark brown, white and gold. It is rather attractive and compact. The interior color scheme is rhubarb/raspberry with cherry cabinets. One bed is over the cab so it is tall and did "sway" with the wind today when we were not headed east. Then we had a tail wind to help with the gas mileage!

We are in Galesburg, Illinois tonite. Carl Sandburg, the author, was born here in 1878. There is a birthplace cottage and museum downtown that commemorates the life of this Pulitzer Prize-wining poet and Lincoln biographer.
Only a Micky D and Hardees within walking distance so that will be supper tonite.
We are thanking the Lord for a warm, safe place to sleep tonite!
Talk to you "along the way"!

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