Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Branchville, New Jersey/ Sioux Falls, South Dakota/South Sioux City, Nebraska

We got on the road on Nov 6 after the high winds of the day before. This put us behind our schedule of delivery and then being back west to Sioux Falls, SD for a wedding on Saturday afternoon the 10th!
This unit was a 35 ft long white Sightseer. It did not have very many windows in the living area. It's unique feature were the 2 bunk beds on the wall opposite the bathroom. Each of them had its own DVD and pull down screen in the ceiling of the bed!
If you take the Atlas and follow Interstate 80 from Iowa City, IA across Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania to Exit 2 in New Jersey and go north that was our route. We took basically the same route on our last trip to Rhode Island, but this time the trees had dropped their pretty leaves, except for an area in Eastern Pennsylvania in the Pocono Mountains. It looked like "the party was over and only pieces of the decorations were still hanging!" But the oaks were colored in shades of rusts, browns and yellows that were pretty when the sun shone.
We drove in and out of snow flurries. In that area they call it "lake effect" snow! Not a lot of accumulation and it melted on the road just making it wet. The white snow did accent the tree trunks and the carpet of colored leaves on the ground in the forest.
In the farming areas the farmers were harvesting the last few fields of corn & beans, applying fertilizer, chopping and baling corn stalks and chisel plowing.
Branchville, New Jersey is on the east side of the Delaware River in the area called the Delaware Gap Water Recreational Area. We explored that same area on the west side of the river on our way home from the Rhode Island delivery.
We can recommend eating at Rockne's Restaurant in Streetsboro, Ohio! It is located beside the Super 8 and across the road from several other motels. The dark wood booths, completely separate lounge, and good service make a good atmosphere for relaxing over a meal. Their black bean soup was hot and tasty. The side salad was a minature chef salad, crispy and fresh. The chicken quesadillas were warm and crispy with a generous, well-seasoned filling and served with sour cream and salsa.
While we were on the road we received a call that there was a unit available for us to deliver to Louisville, KY RV show and we could pick it up on Monday. But had a message later that it would not be ready then and we should wait for a call since there were 8 units to be manufactured to go to the show and no one knew which would be done first.
Home on Friday night and on the road north and west to South Dakota on Saturday. What a contrast to the mountain driving the days before and now the wide open spaces of south western Minnesota! A beautiful day for a fall wedding.
It was a short Sunday morning drive south to our Sioux City family where we spent the day and helped our granddaughter eat her birthday cake! It was good to catch up on their activities and family news, see their projects, "walk", and introduce the neighbor girls to the game of Pit!
On Monday morning they are headed to school and work and we are headed back to Iowa.
The unit we were to pick up at Forest City to deliver to a RV show in Louisville, KY was still not ready so we could not pick it up on our way home.
Today our suitcase is packed, the hitch equipment is in Saturn and we are working on various projects here at home while we wait for "the call" that the unit is done. Actually they are waiting for 6 units to be "made" and ready to go so we might not get ours for another day!!

We are thanking the Lord for His traveling mercies and provision for all the circumstances on "the road"!

Thank-you for taking the time to read our blog!

Prairie Schooners

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