Thursday, October 22, 2009

Destination: Longmont, CO

Pick up the Unit

Arriving on the lot in Forest City is so different since the economic slowdown. Only 5 units sitting in the "pick-up" area compared to 20+!

Ours is a View, one of the smaller units with a diesel motor that averages 13 to 19 mpg. It looks like a small truck with an overhead compartment over the cab. The wind is always blowing across this lot. Today, with the moisture in the air it feels colder than the temp records!

Paperwork, hooking up the Saturn, moving bags to unit, checking out the unit, looking for scratches, etc & a stop for fuel before we head out. Nice interior colors & storage arrangement. This unit has an overhead bunk and a sofa that makes into a bed & a recliner. Should make for an interesting night's sleep for us because we are not allowed to extend the slide out to make the sofa into the bed!!

On the Road

A strong east wind makes for a rough ride until we get to I-80. This compact unit is quiet. We can see some combines in the bean fields accented with the colored leaves on the trees in the area!

Part of our job description delivering new motor homes seems to be PR! Whenever we stop someone asks about the unit & we graciously show it and answer questions.

Heading west on I-80 with wind behind us under partly cloudy skies through rolling countryside with some combines busy harvesting. Past the exit to Springbrook State Park bringing back memories of happy family times at past annual get-togethers.

There is a certain beauty to the fields ready for harvest. Rows & rows standing at attention stripped of leaves & holding the ripened grain in readiness for the combine! The shades of white-yellow remind me of the Bible verse telling us that the fields (of people) are white for harvest. We are studying Daniel & Revelation and see the signs pointing to the time of God's judgment of the world coming nearer. Do I have a heart to labor in His fields offering opportunities for other to make the choice to believe & trust in Jesus shed blood and be a part of God's harvest of believers!

Into Nebraska with rain, road construction & singing along with a gospel music CD!

Views through the windshield:

  • Pumpkin farms with activities waiting for kids on the week-end including a pumpkin thrower!
  • Large cement storage elevators stand like silent sentinels along the railroad tracks waiting for the loads of harvested grain.
  • Rows of windmills turning out electricity are silhouetted along the high ridges in the distance.
  • The curved shape of irrigation rigs are scattered across the horizon.
  • The Platte River meanders through the countryside.
  • Patches of snow left from the earlier snow fall that was pushed in piles.
  • Several flocks of wild turkeys scratching for a meal in the fields.
  • Haystacks frosted with snow.
  • Signs indicating that we are on the "Oregon Trail Auto Tour" route.
  • Welcome to Colorado State sign.
  • Blue skies and sunshine!
  • "Beef-It's what's for Supper!" Large cattle lots.
  • "Got Milk!" Super large dairy operations with many stacks of hay & white plastic covered silage piles. One had 11 of the big blue harvester silos!
  • Bright green winter wheat fields are a contrast to the shades of white/yellow/brown corn fields accented with the rust-red grasses of the ditch & pastures.
  • Scattered oil wells in the pastures.
  • A field of sunflowers ready for harvest.
  • Prairie Dog mounds of brown sand scattered through the pastures.
  • Highest peaks of the mountain range covered in snow are on the distant horizon!


As we listen to Focus on the Family Readers Theater version of a Father Gilbert Mystery we count off the miles to the Truck Wash! Thankful for the time change giving us an extra hour to make delivery that afternoon instead of having to wait until the next morning! Oh!Oh! Reality does not match our instructions! A frontage road is partially closed. A stop to ask for directions and we found the dealership! Unhook, repack into Saturn, wait for inspection to be completed, sign papers, find a motel, do our bookwork, thank the Lord for another safe delivery, supper & make plans for the next few days.

Thanks for riding along!
Prairie Schooners

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