Friday, September 28, 2007

Niagara Falls for 47 1/2 year Anniversary!

September 26, 2007

With our area map from the motel in hand we headed east to the Falls. A breakfast stop at Denny's and a visit with the waitress about the area and her home in Nova Scotia gave us some ideas on where to go. As we drove nearer following the signs we could see the cloud of fog/mist rising above the falls. The street across from the falls is lined with motels advertising "walk to the falls". Several "high rise" hotels have restaurants and rooms with windows overlooking the falls.
We found a place to park our car and a groundsman pointed us to the mile + walk to the falls. (We did not find the area where the shuttle buses pick you up.) It river flows over rocks making rapids leading to the actual falls. You walk past large cement buildings that were originally power plants. There was an empty barge grounded on the rocks in one area of the river. In the distance you can see the bridge crossing into the US.
You can hear the roar of the water for quite a distance. It is Awesome! Spectacular! Powerful! It is a blessing to be able to see God's Handiwork! Some of the water has a turquoise green color, but mostly is is white foam. From the Canadian side you can see the smaller falls on the US side.
The tour busses unload in this viewing area so a lot of people. We found a couple from Alabama that would take our picture! It was a cloudy day, but did not rain until we were sitting in line to get across the border into New York.

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